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2016-03-19 13:10:54 (UTC)

Wet Saturday...

I went to bed early last night...just felt tired. Plus I felt
like I was coming down with something since Friday. I am feeling
much better now.

Today I ordered from this mineral/vitamin place some pills that
support women hormone replacement type thing...and another one
that supports hair, skin and nails. Someone posted about it
on FB and I fell for it.

When I get them and start taking them...I will let you know if they
work or not. Probably a rip off.

My hair is still not all. There was a time when
it grew so fast, it could be cut short in January and by summer,
it would be past my shoulders...I could put it in a pony tail.

I got it cut real short in August...then trimmed a couple months had hardly grew any....just falling out more and more.

Old people crap I guess.

I can not stop gaining weight either. I am so fat now...
I am over 190 pounds. What the hell. MY latest client
who is my age told me that we can gain because of stress.

Yeah, stress. That is it.

I can not keep going to the store to buy bigger clothes. closet is not that big. nor my wallet.


Oh, my husband and I are going to send our photos and size
information to a casting agent who is looking for people
to be extras in a movie starring Helen Hunt...which will
be filmed around here.
I know we won't get chosen...but it is so funny....
here we are..both falling apart at the seams....

and now he agrees to do it.


life is a joke.