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2016-03-18 19:20:12 (UTC)

Feeling sick again

After a great day yesterday.....and getting that listing finalized...
I woke up today feeling like crap. My stomach is messed up...and
my nasal system feels like I have a boil or something forming...right
inside my nose. Hurts like hell.

Been running to bathroom all day.

Got a check too and do not even feel like going to the bank.


I enjoyed meeting the lady yesterday. She was one of those people
that actually read contracts page by page even after I have explained
each page. I do not mind. I was using new ones that I am
not real familiar with so I could go over the next page while
she was reading the last one. Worked out great.

I took photos of her business....and took a lot. When I got
home, I only had three or four that were in focus. I was lucky
that I did not have to ride back over there to take more. My
camera has not been the same since I let my daughter use it
a couple years ago.

The boss called this morning. He talked me through
entering the listing on a couple of commercial sites that
our company uses.

It worked out ok and I was able to complete each one...but
I ran across a couple things that I did not feel comfortable
doing. I am not used to doing all this net percentage per
square feet....or net markable bla bla bla....I have sold
commercial property before...but....not like this.....

So, he was explaining it too me as I went and I did it ok.
But I still do not understand how to figure some of that
stuff out.

I may have to search for a class...or recommend one.

I did hear back about the student housing property..and sent it
to him. We talked about that too....and he told me more...
about what he needed. I sent that too the man up in BOONE
and hoping he has something more suitable.

Learning as I go.....

taking it easy today.