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2016-03-16 23:14:22 (UTC)

Tired as hell tonight

Been a busy day here. I love it when they are both working
during the day. I get more done. But today, I may have over
done it.

I was up early again when I should have slept in. I got started
on the laundry trying to get it caught up. I knew that I was
going to cook pork chops and potato soup. That soup takes a while
so I was eager to get other things done.

But getting my sons room in order took most of the afternoon.
He is a pig. But I got it done. His room is clean, all of his
clothes are clean and put away. I bet you 500 bucks he comes
home, takes his clothes off and they will be in the floor. But
I tired.

Went to the store to pick up some ink cartridges for my printer.
I needed to have them here since I have agreements to print out
for tomorrow. I picked up a couple a shelves. I put one of mine
in my son's room, so I got another one to have them put together
for me this weekend to replace. I found another shelf to put in
my closet for shoes. Remember I went shopping for shoes
yesterday. I am almost out of money. hee hee.

Got home and started again....finally got his room finished
then I started on the pototo soup. It took all afternoon.
But it was so worth it. It turned out so good. Went well
with the pork chops too.

While I was doing that I had clothes washing....that machine
has been going all day. Got my husbands work clothes in it
right now....

my feet are killing me. I am already...or finally in bed.

I had to stand way too much in the kitchen today.

But he brings home dinner I am good to go.
Got my folders ready....

I probably won't be able to find a damn thing to wear...
and will end up wearing one of those long skirts. Which
is ok.....I am ok with that.

I am meeting a lady who is my age. I look forward to being
around someone my age.

Not sure why.....but I look forward to it.

Had to call the commercial man up in Boone this morning.
He was supposed to send me some information through a
email today. But I have received nothing. NOTHING!

Some people just are either too busy...or too slack.

I am not slack.
I am way too busy...but I always get back to other
agents or clients. Almost immediately.

Anyway...I am tired today....

Hope all of you have a great day tomorrow.

St Patty's day.

I am Pat. But no saint.