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2016-03-15 22:35:56 (UTC)

New day new day

I got up this morning waiting for the clock to say it was 9:00. I
wanted to call the boss. So, I did. I was unsure if he was at
home or in the hospital. No one has been keeping me updated. I was
so happy when I heard his voice. He still sounds weak. But he
assured me he is on the transplant list close to the top.

So, one, there is hope.
and two, he has not given up.
So, neither am I.

We talked a little about that then I jumped right in and
started talking about business. Before I hung up, I had a
ladies phone number to call about listing her business...and
when we sell that, we will be listing her house. I think
her husband died and she is selling her property so she
can move to another part of the country to live with her son.

He also told me about some property near the college in Boone.
He told me what to ask, what to say and when to call. It is
about Student housing. He is getting me involved. So, I took
my notes, and started my research as soon as we hung up.

I talked to the lady. Meeting her at her house on Thursday.
I have everything ready.

I had to play FBI Agent to get the correct company that has
the property listed that is near the college. I sent them
an email today. I got no response today. So, tomorrow...
I will be calling to learn what I can about it so I can
send it too the boss to look at. Then we shall see what
happens next.

I went to tan today. Not long. Just long enough to help with
the stiffness. Went to the shoe store...and walked out of there
with 6 pairs of shoes. Remember, I can not wear heels so it is
hard to find shoes that are dressy enough for business meetings.
But I found several today. I am set for the entire summer.

I go get my car cleaned inside and out.

Maybe get the carpet cleaned.

I will be checking more into the Boone property.....and making
sure I have done everything he said.

I also called my daughter. I CALLED HER! How stupid I feel.
Her phone was on...she answered. I told her the good news
about the boss...and we talked for about 40 minutes....

she said her phone will be cut off for a couple days, but when she
gets it turned back on, that will never happen she
has finally got it paid and worked out to be a normal bill....

She is available Saturday to go with me to go look at some
property that is being built. The boss has talked to a man
who is building a sub division. We are going to go meet him
and see if we can be the on site agents when he gets his
models ready for buyers.

So....yesterday I was sad.
Today I am hopeful.

Tomorrow.....I will be busy, but smiling.

Thursday...husband will bring home I will be
working on my next listing...getting that out of the way...
so I can assure the boss that the company is still being
ran..and we are going to be making money.....

all he needs to rest and get better.

Waiting for a transplant has got to be scary.

We got this.