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2016-03-15 19:29:37 (UTC)

I wish...Dreams

Mood: Tired/Okay
Song: Silence
Color: Peach

So Today I'm going to write down 25 things that i wish would happen or wish i had or wish i could do.
I believe in putting your dreams out there and some how someway You yourself and maybe even with the help of other people they might actually come true.
Some of these are totally impossible though so...i get that but it's still a wish you'll get what i mean in a minute and so with out farther ado my list of wishes in no particular order.

1. I wish Levi was here with me today and that his death hadn't happened the way it did Murder...
Somethings can never be fixed.

2. I wish that I played like 3 instruments and were musically talented.

3. I wish i could go to Australia This year.

4. I wish i could go to the UK this year and be there for Jay.

5. I wish that I could come into a large amount of money.

6. I wish that i had a good Job that was something i loved.

7. I wish i could Go to Africa again with Will Jay and Marie.

8. I wish My dad would see himself clearly and do the things he feels he's to old or too sick to do, because he can and he's got time.

9. I wish my mom would succeed in her plans to lose weight and be healthier and that i would as well.

10. I wish i had a Photography Business.

11. I wish i felt like i fit in FBCG and had the fellowship that i miss from MSBC.

12. I wish My brothers would turn their lives around.

13. I wish i didn't have anxiety.

14. I wish my friendships were Easier to deal with.

15. I wish the Kids the best life has to offer and i hope that they follow the right paths.

16. I wish I could draw human noses...(I can't do it despite my newly found talent.

17. I wish i spoke more Languages.

18. I wish that a good Guy would come into my life.

19. I wish i had never drank in my life.

20. I wish i had a tattoo.

21. I wish that i was stronger in my faith and was out waling the walk more than just talking the talk.

22. I wish that this weekends plans with the Kids turn out and that we have fun.

23. I wish that my speaking Engagement in April goes well with the minimal amount of Anxiety as possible.

24. I wish i could do the recreating old childhood pictures project with my siblings.

25. I wish that i could do something for my Siblings that mattered both the Adopted and the Biological.

What would you wish for?
Do you wish for more impossible or possible things when your going through daily life and you think to yourself "i wish...."?

Most of mine are possible most of mine require my hard work and the grace and patients of God.
but some are impossible and some...i can do nothing about because they aren't about me.