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2016-03-14 19:32:10 (UTC)

Monday blues....indeed

Had a bad dream right before waking up this morning about a couple
men breaking into my a home invasion. I was a bit rattled
when I got up. I actually got up, turned on the coffee and went
back to bed for a while.

When I got up second time, poured a cup of coffee and then when I was
setting the cup on the table beside this chair, it fell to the floor hitting the top of my foot on the way down. I was lucky no hot
coffee hit me. Took a while to clean it up and start over.

I have had a horrible headache today.
Probably the mold.

Seems to flair up after a hard rain.

My eyes and top of head are sore....along with a hard

head ache. I tried to ride it out. But ended up taking
something a hour ago. Still not helping.

I am so sad.....

very depressed.

Too much sad crap happening...and I am lost.
I wish someone would reach out and pick me up.....

I did get a new friend request from this girl I went to
HS with. She is my age. Talking about all the fun we
had. I do not remember hanging out with her. At all.
But she said I still looked good...and wanted to know
if I would have lunch with her one day......

I sent back a message thanking for the nice comments...
and agreed to have lunch sometime...

I figure maybe she needs a friend too.

I will try not to whine too much.
At least I do not smoke or drink anymore....
so I won't have that.

I hope she is not a bleeding heart democrat.