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2016-03-13 22:39:45 (UTC)

Sunday Spring cleaning...

Been trying to stay busy at home when I am not out and about
looking at property. My phone is not ringing which is very

I have not heard anything from the boss or his relatives...and
I am hoping that is good news instead of bad. I will be calling him
tomorrow. Did not want to bother them today. He was probably at
church earlier and with family today.

My son took some things out of his room today to be thrown out.
I have 5 large storage containers n our dining room ready to
go to storage and other items ready to go to goodwill.

I took my son's curtains down and washed his windows and put them
back up with new blinds.

I made a discovery today about those darn blinds.
When I measure them, I get 35 and a half. But at the
stores....I can only find 36 inch blinds or 37. No 35 and a half.

So I have been going bonkers about it. My friend who had the
surgery did too. She ended up ordering some from a blind and shade
company paying big bucks. So, sons blind fell down.
I tried to put it back up but it was broken. So, I looked for
a new one..thinking I had one in the closet in laundry room.
I did. It was 38 inch. Huh? so...I tried it fit
perfectly. So, I measured the new ones and I got 35 and a half.
So the measurement on the box must include hardware at the top....
not the length of the vertical blind.

I had an urge to call her to let her know. But I did not. I am
not ready to start that friendship back up. She is the one
who should be calling me to apologize but from what I hear...
I was correct about her having a issue with the medication...

others have talked to her and it is getting around that she
slurs her words...and rambles on about nothing. Just what I you...I never said any of that to anyone else...
cept my family who already knew it anyway.

Today I wore a long maxi dress. It is made with a built in
bra....spaghetti straps. It was a little long. I got him to
cut it off for me so I could be comfortable. It feels so good.

Anyway....getting some more spring cleaning done around here...
trying to get it done as much as possible...and more clutter
up and out of here. I am beginning to feel better about things

Well, cept the boss. I want him well again. I can not do this
without him....or I do not want too. I told him I would do
anything he wants. But this is hard. I was not expecting this.