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2016-03-13 20:43:18 (UTC)

ABC right now

Mood: Tired
Song: 7 years by Lukas Grahm
Color: Dark Green

A- Anxious about life and speaking next Sunday and i should stop sending people messages when I'm upset, it only causes anxiety later.

B- Brokenhearted and just genuinely sad about a lot of things right now.

C- Conflicted Should i speak or back out? will it matter?

D- Driving away seems like an appealing idea but then again where do i have to go?

E- Eternity This day seems to be taking an Eternity to be over...

F- Faith, something that i'm counting on something i hope will see me through this life.

G- God. Just that.

H- Honesly i wish that I could always be honest and that others would be so too.

I- Ink something I'm considering putting on my skin...a tattoo.

j- Josh and his Job searching and his Heart searching and his Faith searching.

K- Kiss...something i wish i could have right now.

L- Loyalty the most important thing involved in friendships and relationships under Honesty.

M- Missing K,T,B,H,M,H,G,I,B,H, and just time...

N- Nobody that's me!

O- Opinionated something that I and everyone around me has an issue with.

P- Prayer...something i need, and need to do more.

Q- Queens and kings, the story made up in my head that will never be written down.

R-Relativism the most annoying subject to argue with people. Right up there with Religion, Politics and "this" (My) Generation.

S- Spiritual Attack that's hitting us SO hard.

T- Trying to be better than i am today.

U- Underdog that's who i cheer for.

V- Victory which i'm hoping i will see in my own life soon.

W- Wanderlust The need to get away travel and explore.

X- Xenodochial (something i generally am not so which is probably part of my current problems....

Y- Young and i don't know if that's a good thing at this point or not. -_-

Z- Zigzag... May be the perfect way to describe me