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2016-03-11 12:25:53 (UTC)

Spoke to soon yesterday

Last night after I had wrote the post from yesterdays events, I
got a call from the boss's sister letting me know he may come
home from hospital today. I did not know he was in the hospital.
I thought we were supposed to have a meeting this week but he never
mentioned it. Anyway, she said he wanted to make sure our dues
were paid and said he would try to call today. Well, the medication
must be causing him to worry. I told her my dues were paid. Not sure
about daughters but, they are not due until first of next month.
I told her to assure him that if my daughter can not pay them on
time, I will take care of it. Do not want him to worry about the
company...just need him to work on getting better...and I assured
her that I have people praying for him.

Please anyone who reads this who are not already praying for
a speedy recovery....please pray for him too. I really need
him to get well so we can continue to work together.....
he is the best boss I have ever had probably the best one
in the whole world.....he is honest and good. He is a very
good person. Been great to me. I need these prayers guys.

After making sure his sister knows everything is ok with the
company and got her to promise to keep me informed about his

I got another call.....

it was my biological. She sounded great. She told me that
she was at her daughters house now....until she goes into
assisted living. Then.....I may be able to go see her.....

She said her daughter in law was not being very kind to her.
I stopped her and said please do not tell me anything else
about it. I know where she lives...know what she looks like..
and I might beat the hell out of her if you tell me too much....

she laughed.

I was serious.

It felt good to catch up with my sister and know that she is
with her daughter. I am ok with it. Her daughter is involved
with the boyscouts too. She is on of my facebook friends. I
am going to try to see her as soon as I can.....

maybe ask my daughter if she wants to go.

Try to fix two problems at once.

Do not forget those prayers....