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2016-03-10 21:08:04 (UTC)

What a day

Got up around 5 am. I wanted to get those post cards ready to mail
out today. So, I made a smoothie with my nutra-system and got started.

Then I took a break around 8 to watch local news. My phone rang.
My business woman friend wanted asked me to go with her go buy
a new wig. I had told her I was interested in going next time
she went. So, I agreed to go and started getting ready. I knew I
could do the other things after this.

We met at the biggest place in Charlotte. She had raved about them.
No one waited on us at all. After being in there for over an hour,
we finally asked someone to help us. They had stopped carrying the
brand she liked. So, we left there and went to another place near
this one.

Now in there, she found just what she wanted and in her color too.
I got to see her without her wig on. She has some bald places
in her crown area....but it is still long....much thinner than mine.
The wig she picked out looked great. I was amazed. She could work
in there. She helped me pick out one.

And insisted that I leave it on while we went to eat lunch. I did.
We took some photos and she promised not to post them. I was
feeling a little shy about having that wig on. But the photos
looked ok.

She left me to go spend time with her mom. I came toward the house.
But I stopped into Belks at the Northlake Mall. I wanted to look
at shoes. I need some summer slip on that I can wear with a dress
skirt or feet are horrible. I just can not wear anything.

So, I walked in there, still wearing that wig mind you....but I
brushed the thought about the wig away and walked right in...
I know now that other see me as a older person. I can tell by the
way they open doors...ask me if they can help....odd. But true.

I saw some shoes that I liked. one to ask if they have them
in my size. I really needed to sit a while. But I kept on looking.
I finally was asked by this black lady...kinda young..but every one is
younger than me...she went and found me the sizes I needed to try
on and informed me of the sale I picked out three
pairs of shoes....that felt good and I thought would work for
several occasions. I figured I had at least 150 bucks worth of
merchandise. So, I waited. And waited.

She never came back. It was a big department and I never saw anyone
else. I did however see frustrated customers wandering around
looking for the same type of finally....I was
courteous enough to put the shoes back where they went. But...
I left.

My feet were killing me. I did not have a cane. And That wig...
oh my god. That wig.

When I finally got home, the wig came off. I started on my
post them ready to mail. I got my list of errands
ready. Changed clothes...put on my baseball cap, some jeans
and out the door I went. I stopped by the tax prep office to
pay for my sons taxes and pick them up. They did not have them
ready. So, I paid for them anyway so he could stop in to pick
them up tomorrow.

Then I walked across the street to one of out small towns shops.
This shop has been there a while....but I had never been in it.
She hangs stuff out on the sidewalk to get our,
I figured...what the hell?
I walked in....nothing in there fit far as clothes...
but there were these sandal type clogs...not high ones...almost
looked native American.....white had some black
on it and one had silver buttons. I have never seen anything like
this. I tried them on. Fit like a glove. The lady walked back
there and told me that she had worn those shoes slightly....but
they were only 8 dollars a pair. What? Are you kidding me?
She was serious. I got both pairs....and then walked through the
store with her until we found a vest that fit me...she gave it
to me 50% OFF....THEN ANOTHER 20% OFF. She invited me to the
town hall Saturday where a bunch of vendors will be....she was
excited to be a part of it...and I was excited to have just
mailed out 200 more post cards with the photo of the place
she was talking about....can you believe it? I met another
cool business person today?

So I put that in my car and walked in another shop. Met a woman
from Wilmington. She had some very cute things in her shop too...
reminded me of my teenage years when my mom would make my clothes...
she has someone make stuff. It was so cool.

I left there....and came home.

Glad I did not have the wig on.....felt okay...with the ball cap.

But you would not believe how good my hair looked....
before that wig.....that lady and to spray water on it to
get it to lay flat enough for the wig......
I was just waiting for the damn wig to fly off my head
as my hair dried. I have thick hair....
but I can wear that wig. It did look ok.

I will be posting photos on facebook.

I have had a very good day