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2016-03-09 13:39:34 (UTC)

Humpday smoothies

I have been back to using the Nutra-system each morning. I have
my refrigerator packed with vegetables and have a large bowl
of fruit on the bar.

Apples? Like cucumbers are totally disgusting. I washed the heck
out of an apple this morning...even resorting to pouring boiling
water on it trying to get that nasty wax film off of it. I wish
the FDA would tell the Apple industry to STOP THAT SHIT!

I finally got it clean least I thought clean enough to add to
my smoothie which this morning had a grapefruit (peeled), a banana,
the apple sliced, a pear, some coconut water and some
taste so good. I added a handful of ice cubes too.

Then, when I took my glass to refill, it appeared to have
separated. I am hoping it was not from that nasty film on
the apple. I made sure it was mixed again before pouring anymore.

Yesterday was my 3rd time doing the red light therapy. I feel like
it is helping me a little. I can do it as many times as I want
this month. So, I am doing it often. I am also standing in
the stand up tanning booth for five minutes...only 5 minutes..

that helps my sore muscles.

I been using that band thing everyday. I want to try to build
some muscle on my upper arms while I if I loose weight
they are not flabby like before....

this being fat again has a purpose. So I figure.

I have not talked to the boss this week. I plan on touching
base with him today.

I mailed about 90 post cards this week...and still have some
to mail....just did not want to do it all at once.

I want to find out how he is feeling...and if he has had
any calls from the 500 I mailed out for him? Plus, he had
mentioned adding me to his latest college housing deal
and I may need to sign some things. I hate the thought
of losing him, but if he wants me to keep running this
company if I do....then, I need to be up to date on
the college housing deals. I wish I had been working
with him closer on them already. But the time is here
to do it. Just hate it is happening this way.

It is hard to think about the possibility of having 50k
all at once....and not fantasize on what to do with it
beside paying off things. I do not have much to pay I would have enough to have a drive way paved
here..and a parking I do NOT ever have to be
blocked in.

I had to wake my son up Sunday morning to move his truck...
and before I could leave for Church....then ride through
some communities looking for new FSBO's (For SALE By Owner)
...I had to wake him a more than once to finally get him
up. I could have moved it myself...but his truck is
so dirty...and I was dressed nicely...did not want to do

Even if I do not make the 50k...which in fact will mess me
up...I will have to stop the SS checks for the remainder of
year..and I will have to call the OBAMA CARE to adjust
payments to my insurance so I am not ruined at tax time
next year....there goes 10k since I will have to pay
that much to keep the insurance for the remainder of year.

How would have ever thought that we would be looking
forward to turning 65 so we could get Medicare?

I could just take 15k and not work anymore this year...
and leave it as it is. But who gives up the chance
to make money just so they do not have to pay out money..
to make money? US! That is how the middle
class is set up to hold us all back....

I feel like a hostage sometimes.

Anyway...I will touch base with the boss...and hope I
have good the end of the day...I do not care
about the 50k or being involved in the student housing
deals as much as I wish he would just be better....

I really like that man. He is the best!