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2016-03-08 00:45:12 (UTC)


Today was great. He went back on days and I was here all alone....all
day. I took it easy. Really enjoyed it.

No red light therapy today. No tanning....I will take it easy on
all of that...

just doing it for pain relief anyway...

Did use the Nutri-system today. No soda.
I drank coconut water...
and steamed kale which I had for lunch with tuna...
I squeezed lemon juice on it. It was good too.

Still weighing in at 190.

I broke out the exercise band thing with the handles on
each end. I used it several times today....

Tomorrow I will try to get out of here...
and attempt to get on some sort of schedule.

I will be exercising every day.

I bought a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables yesterday...

I am ready this do this.

I will win.