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2016-03-04 22:24:17 (UTC)

Red light therapy

I had to take a muscle relaxer last night. I woke feeling like
I had a hangover. I am such a wooze. Been feeling down all day
long. Slept most of the morning.

Decided to go check out the red light therapy I bought last week.
So, 20 minutes of that and I was on my way home. It was very bright
lights. Red though for sure. I wore the eye googles too. Did not
take out contacts. But I will take them out from now on.

I came home feeling about the same. Was not expecting a full transformation in 20 minutes. But it would have cheered me up.

I thought I had some Cymbalta laying around here somewhere....
probably very old. Could not locate any. I did not locate it.
I was ready to take one. I am so down.

I am hurting. My skin is breaking out. My knee is throbbing.
Nothing feels right....

but he told me today, this is his last night working. He starts
working during the day next week. Thank goodness. I have had
a very difficult time getting use to this schedule this time.

So, with my red light therapy today and shopping therapy yesterday...
you would think I would be on cloud nine. Just can not allow myself to feel good these days....too much stuff going on to be depressed about.

The boss....being sick.
My daughter being an ass....
no one is calling me to list property....
business is so slow.....
I need something to give...
and quick.

Good news though...
my son is so sweet...and my husband is catering to me a lot
I think I have two friends now......instead of only one.


I made that last part up....
still have a sense of humor.

Going to take it easy tonight....

and try that red light therapy again tomorrow.