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2016-03-04 06:38:38 (UTC)

Today's News

Mood: Hopeful
Song: Pocket full of sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield.
Color: Orange

So today went well despite my mini freak outs.
Spending time with H was good, and that was a relief, that things aren't broken for good, maybe they are just bent but not broken.
They won't ever be the same but maybe that's a good thing.
I think friendships are meant to change and grow.
They will have good times and bad times.
And let come what may...cause we can't stop it anyway.

I'm Enjoying my friendship with T, which is something i never thought i would say...
That goes back before H&B and well all of this.
It goes back years...when i thought we might murder each other... but now he's family.
Same with H, or B Or K,B,H,H,M
all are my family, all mean the world to me.

But yeah today was good and that's the first real good day in a while.
I'm happy about that.
But also can't help but feel like we have many more mountains to climb.

H and i ate at the new Japanese restaurant and it was good, i was nervous about it but i liked it and i even liked the dragon fly sushi roll things that we got(not that it was actually sushi it had shrimp and avocado in it and i was very pleasantly surprised, i would go there again and i would order that again.
Now we've just got to convince B that it's not that bad :)
maybe she'll come around.
I missed her tonight it was weird not having her here.
If it weren't so late i'd call or message her...but i bet she's tired after her Trips and all the busyness with wedding stuff.
I'll talk to her tomorrow.

anyway's that's all for now...I'm happy, content and tired.