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2016-03-03 19:51:26 (UTC)

Update on things...

Busy morning. I had to call the boss to let him know my new post
cards were in and he needed to call them to authorize payment. He
told me that he is working on a deal where if it is accepted, meaning
signed; he will be adding me to it just in case. He said if he does
not make it, I would have enough money to keep the company open a
couple more years. But by adding me to it, when it is finalized I
would make around 50k for my part. Whoa....I just told him I did
not want to talk about it. I want him to go to his doctor appointment
and learn that he is going to be ok. He is working so hard.

I went to the store and spent 300 bucks today on larger clothes.
I wanted to put on my jean jacket this morning which use to fit
loose on me and it was tight. So, I found a larger one. I lucked
up and found a 280 dollar white jacket that you wear in the rain
or snow....for only 72 bucks...which was 50 percent off that.
It has a lining that I can remove for warmer weather.

Went to pick up the post cards and to post office for stamps.
I wish I had a better photo for the post card. That will be
something that I take care of before ordering any more.
But these will start being mailed within the next day.

I want people to receive them on weekend days so they have time
to read it...and maybe give me call least keep it
for later instead of tossing into the trash right away.

I got to talk to the lady at the print shop today. She was
delightful. Other than her, I have had no face to face conversations...
recently. Just still feel terrible about the boss being sick
and facing death. I hate it so much.

Lots of terrible things happening around here....
I hate it