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2016-03-03 03:44:08 (UTC)

Compass, Dream catcher, Arrow

Mood: Content
Song: These days By Chantal Kreviazuk
Color: Navy Blue

Today was so long, this week has been so long.
60 Children in Grow classes...
only 2 fights broke out.
That's a record i think
Gah this is not, not, not my thing.

Tomorrow's Thursday, tomorrow's prayer meeting and i'm excited for it cause i want to see the kids and because i want to go and pray.
I'm ready for it.
what ever may come...let it.

I'm so tired it seems i started this day tired which is... stupid lol.
I don't even have any good writing material.
Not Extreme emotions good or bad just Tired and contented.

No new new except that i'm enjoying drawing dream catchers, Arrow's and compasses and some legit combinations of all of the above.

Might try to draw some in a bit.
This is lame so i'm ending it here.

But i will say this I'm hopeful for tomorrow... I'll be sure to write about how it goes good or bad.