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2016-03-02 18:22:34 (UTC)

Cooler temps blowing in

It has been difficult to get much done this week. I have been so
tired. Good to finally get out of house Monday and spend time with
my friend, but lack of rest has had it's toll.

Hard for me to get used to his schedule, working at night and being
here during day...wanting to eat dinner at lunch time. I am not
good with change. My routine is messed up and so has my inter-clock.
Can not sleep well.

Yesterday a woman down the street was charged with three counts
of murder. She shot her husband and another couple when she
found them all naked in bed. Her husband is the grandson of
leader of a mob crime family.
This past weekend, a man was shot up the road at a party that had
lasted all night. Loud, lots of of those.

Looks like our lives are surrounded by more and more violence here.
This is something I would have never would have happened here. It has.

Plus, that Mall my friend and I went too Monday? An entire family
were held at gun point and robbed just a couple hours after we
were there. It is getting scary to leave the house.


I bought the red light therapy last week. So, today, or maybe
tomorrow, I will try to go do that. Maybe it will help.

My friend I met Monday started taking some medication she picked
up on her way home. Something different than she has been taking but
something to do with hormone replacement. We had discussed this
during lunch. Well, she spent the day yesterday in the ER...they
thought she had suffered a mild stroke from taking that shit.

Now, I am unsure if I want to bother with any hormone replacement
medication....but I can try the light therapy.

It is not easy being older....
I am having a hard time with it each day.....

I read earlier that two people have jumped off bridges onto
interstate hwys near here in two separate locations. I have
to wonder how old were they? Or were they younger and
just fed up?

The world is changing.

Not for the better but for the worse.

At least it seems this way.