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2016-02-29 05:35:03 (UTC)

Hopeful in the night

Mood: Fools Hope
Song: The Call by Regina Spektor
Color: Peach

I hit this mood at about 11:30 pm Most nights...
This moment of renewed energy and creativity this sense of hope and positive energy...it's so weird.
(and all i can think of doing is writing or drawing or something.)
But it's also mixed with An anxiousness for the next day and just life in general.
Right now i feel like i'm going to go out and change something, that i'm going to go out and face my fears...
That i'll wake up tomorrow and make something of my life the way i'm supposed to right.

Tomorrow i'll probably wake up with my ears bothering me and not be able to hear properly and it'll suck they way it did yesterday and today...

So...yeah it's the positive and hopeful battling it out with the negative and doubtful.

We'll see what which wins out lol.
Ah maybe i'm crazy....

You ever feel this way?