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2016-02-27 06:12:50 (UTC)

My decision is made.

Mood: Encouraged
Song: Silence
Color: Light blue

So after several responses from you guy's on my last entry about the future of this diary i have made a decision as to weather i'm going to continue writing here despite the disapproval of my family...
And that decision is to continue writing.
To be careful to be positive about my family and friends to not offend or hurt them, but to keep writing because this is for me it's something i like and there's nothing wrong with it.
It's a win win for everyone. Right?

well i'm hopeful.
and i don't want do continue to disappoint the people who disapprove of this by continuing it because i know how...adamant they are about this ending...and i'm sorry to you.
I am.
But you don't understand what it means to me...and maybe you never will and that's okay...as long as we can not hurt each other and we can agree to disagree.
I don't want to continue screwing up in your eyes but i'm doing this.
my decision is made.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who messaged me and encouraged me and just gave your two cents on the subject.
You are all Amazing and I'm happy that you read my diary and i hope you continue to...
I wish you all the very very best!