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2016-02-26 17:12:02 (UTC)

To stop writing? Feedback

Mood: Thoughtful
Song: Superheros by The script
Color: Dark green

I've been told that this Diary isn't a good thing and that i should stop writing here.
and there are two counts against it...i'm starting to think that it may be a three strikes your out type of thing.
part of me thinks i would be okay and that i would find and have other outlets.
But then on the other side...
the thought of this diary being just left here abandoned or deleted makes me really sad.
Maybe i just have to change the way i write?

I don't know.
I don't know what i'm going to do.
I need some advice.
If you read this diary.... and it means something to you i need you to tell me.
I know it means something to me...i mean while i love hearing from you guy's out there...i write for me and this has been a safe place for me and it's like therapy.

i promise i'm not just going to disappear i will write a final entry if i do decide to stop and i probably won't delete the diary all together...
We'll see.