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2016-02-25 05:27:37 (UTC)


Mood: Hopeful
Song: Iris by the Goo goo Dolls
Color: Orange

I was on FB just now and i saw WJ & M's posts...
about Africa about how it will always be with them, about how it will always be a part of them.
And i saw it first hand, i know that it's true They love it, they want to be there, that's their lives, it's been their lives for the past 40 years...get that? 40 years...that's almost twice as long as i've been alive.
They moved to a foreign country in a time where there weren't cell phone's there wasn't Skype, There wasn't modern technology they left their family's and all that they knew behind for this calling that God gave them.
They had crash courses in learning Swahili and about the culture, they had to learn the people and the land.
And it was...and is still where their hearts are.
They are in there 80s! and they went there last year...
that's crazy that's amazing.
I got to go with them...i got to see it
and i will forever be...amazed and honored.

I just hope that someday i could Love something as much as they do Africa.
I hope that someday i will have something to devote my life too they way they did.
I hope someday i can be brave enough to leave what is known behind and follow faithfully into my destiny.

I hope someday i find my Africa.

So to WJ & M thank you and i Love you.
You are what i hope to be like someday.