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2016-02-23 21:25:50 (UTC)

Let then have Cake!

Mood: Nervous
Song: Perfect by Pink
Color: Pink

SO i'm making a four layer cake for my Grandma's birthday today...
it's the first time i've done a four layer cake and i'm nervous.
She told me about a cake that her mom made her it was four layers and each layer was a different color in pastels with white icing.
that's what i'm attempting.
also i'm going to attempt to make marsh mellow fondant for the first time so that i can make roses to go on the cake, I know i can make the roses because i can make awesome realistic looking roses with Clay or play doe and it's the same concept but i'm nervous!
i don't want to mess it up and i don't want it to look little kid like you know?
and there is no room for mistakes it is...3:30 and i need it ready by 7:00, before seven really cause it's a surprise and i don't want her to see it until it's time for cake.
my hands are shaking a bit.
like i'm nervous that the cake will like fall apart out of the pans or something...
I have the first two layers the yellow and green one's out of the ovan cooling and while they are done through they feel spongy on top.

okay....got to go.
Wish me luck!