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2016-02-23 20:07:27 (UTC)


Mood: Anxious
Song: Hall of fame by The Script
Color: Rose pink
Writing challenge day 23 Feb 23rd: Talk about your Siblings.

I'm skipping around with some of these prompts the last few days i'm not doing them in the order i wrote them...
But right now i can't remember my last dream and i don't want to talk about my last argument...until it's not my last argument.
so....yeah today we are talking about siblings!

Well first there's Robert(30)

He's my oldest sibling and currently the hardest to get along with...
Robert is the person who can't lie to save his life and the one who never got away with anything.
he was the protective big brother and the one who would step in and defend us if we needed.
He loves to sing and he's a science nerd.
he likes Anime and Animals.
He recently got out of Rehab and i hope he's doing better for real this time.

Next is Josh(29)
Josh is...the Crazy one he's a dare devil and the rebel who's ideas and plans have gotten us all in trouble multiple times.
He's Creative and determined he can and will do what ever he sets his mind to...like i remember a few years back i told him i'd be impressed if he could learn to play Motzart...
He sat down and learned to play and the next time i see him he's playing me this complicated piano number...and then play's twinkle twinkle little star... -_- that's josh.
He jumps in head first in everything.

That brings us to Tara(27)
She's and i are and have alway's been complete and total opposites in everything...
You could set us down and ask us questions and our answers would be the opposite of each other.
Which can make for a lot of butting heads...
But she's still the only person who know certain things about me, the only person who i've sang full on belting it out in front of and the sister that i got to grow up with and that's special.

Next we have the surprise little sister/Niece Emma(7)
She's biologically Roberts daughter but my parents ended up Adopting her after DHS stepped in and removed her from his home.
She was 11 months old when she came to live with us and i was 14 at the time, kinda late to be bumped up to a middle kid :) but i don't mind she's brilliant and i kinda feel like i had a big part in raising her, she's like a sister, niece, daughter mix.
(yes i'm aware of how weird that sounds)
She's in first grade and she wants to be a surgeon go to OU and play music in her spare time...lol she's got her life figured out at seven where I'm lost at 21.

Then there's my twin Brother Levi(Deceased)
He was killed by our Biological mother when we were about 6 months old and that's why i removed form her custody and put into Foster care and adopted by my family at 3.
I imagine Levi in some way got the better end of the deal with the whole being in heaven with God thing.
But i wish things were different and he were here with me.

I found out last year that i had other younger Biological siblings

Two brothers whom i don't even know their names or ages but they are probably 16 and 17 maybe?

then there's Shawnon(14)
I've met her once... she looks like me.
and she got to grow up more with our biological mother and her/Our sister
who also looks like me and is kind of giddy like me in personality.
I've met them both only once.
and i don't envy their knowing our Biological mother better...
but i do Envy that they had each other.

and then my biological has one more Child...
a Baby who's probably close to a year old now..
Her name is Lacy I'm 20 years older than her and i've never seen her.

All of my siblings Both the Biological and the Adopted have all been through rough things, they all have some tragic story's and they have all been in the Foster system.
all of the biological one's are still in the system.
and it break my heart.

those are my siblings....all of them and what i can tell you about them.