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2016-02-23 19:49:03 (UTC)

Gloomy Tuesday...

My friend finally called about the smokes. I told her to tell
her contact to just forget it. I do not do business like that
when things are not exactly like they were told to me in the
beginning. Started sounded too fishy to worry with it. Plus
both my husband and son are home during the day starting today.
I lost my alone time.

The boss called. Worse news ever. I did not want to hear it.
They told him he has liver cancer and he has a year to live.
I was too shocked to even respond. He was going on about the
company and how he would do what he has to do to give it to
me...I was not all.....

instead, I told him he could sign up for disability...he did
not know that....I think he would at least get enough money to
pay his insurance...he was talking about those post cards...he
just mailed...wanted to try to make as much money as we could...

I was still trying to absorb the one year to live comment...
he is still talking about wheeling and dealing...

I am heart broken right now....
just want to do whatever he this point.
That is what I told him too.

My prayer warriors told me that the boss is going to be
ok....not to believe what he said...he is only revealing
what he was told.....but the prayers warriors think he
will be on transplant list...and everything will be fine.

I had to take a valium.

Those things sure do come in handy sometimes