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2016-02-23 06:35:00 (UTC)

Poem(Real nightmares)

Mood: Wide awake when i should be going to sleep
Song: Hall of fame by The Script ( I'm currently obsessed with it)
Color: Bronze

So i was feeling insomnia and creativity at the same time which is kinda how it works for me...which probably means most poetry i write sucks...but whatever.
I was inspired by the events of last year and by the nightmares that i had recently( they are written down here in other entry's.)
But this is what i wrote a few minutes ago.
I call it real nightmares.

(Real Nightmares)
By Katie-Brave

I closed my eyes, Went to sleep
The darkness and nightmares come to creep

Watching what you were planning to do
Hating it, I'm still hurt by you

Standing where i used to have sanctuary
What we live through can be so scary

Living in my past was no life
Constantly reminded of a backstabbing knife

Staying Angry drinking poison from your cup
Maybe it was time to wake up?