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2016-02-23 01:11:04 (UTC)

Glad to terminate...sometimes

I do not enjoy working with buyers much anymore. Especially during
a time like now when there is not very much to show them. I think
they think it is our fault we can not locate that perfect house in
their price range, all fixed up with lots of land and space. Just
an't happening. Not at the moment anyway.

I got a message from the girl I been showing property...
she says she has found an investor that will work with
her, but she has too terminate her agreement with me.

Hell, I already know who it is. It is that realtor/investor
who had the other house that she lost to someone else. That
girl and her sister flip houses and she works as a realtor.

She can not actually tell my client that she can not work with
her if she is working with me...not in this situation. It is
just another back stabbing dirty way to get shitted out of
a commission.

I do not care. Fuck it.
I sent her the termination agreement to sign....wished her
the best of luck...

I hope she does not end up with a piece of crap.
Not my problem......


At least I do not have to run to my computer every couple hours
checking MLS for new listings...or putting 100's of miles on
my car riding by property to see if it is a safe area...and
looking for other property that may not be listed.

I think I will focus on listings now....
and stay the hell away from buyers.....

I had to tell the PA couple to take a hike...just got to be
way too much trouble...costing us money that we were not
getting back and we were basically working as tour guides..for

The people in this area are just not very bright. It is sad.
Hard to explain to them how things work....easy to be talked
into something....

she was looking at a place where the "investor" told her that
she could not work with a realtor or a lawyer....or an inspector...

I mean really? Just cause it looks good does not mean it is
fixed under that nice coat of paint....or if it will keep
staying warm or safe or dry in the winter....or if the air
works....that is what inspectors, realtors and lawyers are make sure you do not get stuck in a place that is
not safe....a place that you have to leave because it makes
you sick....a place where you can not get your money back
when you sell it....that is why you work with us.

If you do not want too. If you do not want a specialist
to watch out for you....especially one like me that does not
charge you a can walk away....anytime.

Most companies charge buyers a 500 upfront fee to cover
expenses. I don't.

Maybe that makes me seem cheap......

or unintelligent.

I do not want to be paid until I do my job.
And that is why for is ok to walk away...
to terminate before you spend too much time...

I do not think she will be able to get a loan
for investor property....she needs a USDA 100% financeable
property....and that investor may not be able to

Ok with me.

I can now sleep in.....

I got my post cards coming...and I will work on that....