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2016-02-22 23:09:15 (UTC)

Monday moving on...

My morning was nice here. Then the clouds came rolling in.
I got very little sleep last night. Been worried a bit bout
things. I got up anyway kind of early. They had both just left
the house, so I got up and started the coffee. Started a load
of clothes and then sorted a
bunch more knowing that laundry
was going to be an all day job.

Sat down at my desk and began working on my postcard. I was not
happy with any of the photos I took. This only makes my sad
opinion of this town more true. I went downtown twice looking
for something to take a photo of. I rode to the river too.
Nothing. That stupid building looks like an old cotton mill.
Yeah, that is it. That is what it was once. Now it is the big
ole building where you go pay your water bill. Not a town hall
or city hall. Just a big room with lots of glass. I thought I
was gonna have to drive to the interstate and take a photo of
the huge water tank that has the name of this town on it. Mother
nature had other ideas today. The clouds came in. I came home.

I took a second look at the photos and choose one that I cropped.
I found a photo of myself that was taken while sitting up in bed
with no makeup on. My hair looked good though. I cropped it
to just show my hair and face....and used it.
Reworded the post card so I could use it in other places just
by changing the photo on it. ( the one of the building )

Sent the proof to the boss. He said go for it. So it has been
I spent the day catching things up round here so I can be making
more address

The boss said he mailed all of his today over there....and he
was excited to see if we get any calls at all. Same here I guess.

I like being busy.

He goes to the specialist tomorrow. I am going to pray tonight...
and hope it goes well.

I have ordered some flowers....the kind you smoke.

The old man starts working at night tomorrow....
only off on Sunday. So, this is great.

Well, kind of.

Time to start banking the money....and time to start
making some too......

time will tell.

Nothing much was listing n this area this weekend.
I am hoping the post cards will help get people thinking
about putting their places up for sale.......

at least by spring.

Spring time this year....

God I hope everything is going well...
the boss is healing...
and everyone is making lots of money.