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2016-02-22 19:43:02 (UTC)

The opposite and same Sex

Mood: Blah
Song: Truly Madly Deeply By Savage Garden
Color: Crimson
Writing challenge day 22 Feb 22nd: 5 things that irritate you about the same sex and the opposite sex.

Three true Facts:
Girls are annoying
Guy's are annoying
People are worth annoyance

So five things that annoy me about women in no particular order are the following:

1. Women are Cut throat...they are mean. Stab you in the back as soon as look at you we really need to work on this ladies...
i mean this is why i had/have way more Guy friends than girl Friends.

2. Women are the one's that bare Children which is a wonderful thing but it's also a painful thing, and i think that we get the worse end of puberty...ugh, Periods?

3. Obsessive, we pick something and fixate on it and we obsess over it it could be a flaw or an insecurity and we focus on it instead of the good things.

4. Feminists.
I'm all for equal rights and i'm all for being treated like we are all people, i'm how ever not down for guy bashing or family bashing.
Woman have a responsibility to their family's the same way a man does, the roll is different but not any less important.
The family needs the mother, and the father.
We all just need to take responsibility for our own Job's and our own mistakes. we should be working together to make the world better instead of arguing where our places are.

5. Emotional
No explanation needed.

Men are waffles and woman are spaghetti
(men compartminilize everything and focus on one thing at a time single mindedness both a blessing and a curse.

woman everything touches, everything is connected to everything else and we can multitask.
also a blessing and a curse.

Five Things that irritate me about men.

1.The inability to not show off in situations especially when other men are involved.
You guy's are so competitive and you seem to always have something to prove.
like can you do something, a job, a sport, a game just because you enjoy it and not because you have to conquer it?

2."Guy Talk" This time when men from a young age are together for one reason or another and they get to talking about women... It's demeaning and usually vulgar.
while i have over heard many of these "guy talks" i have been involved in many of the "girl talks" and we do the same thing we talk about guy's but we don't go all vulgar and we usually aren't mean or demeaning when we talk about you. it's usually positive thing's we like about you.

3. Mind games.
Guy's are manipulative and they know it and use it.

4. They are afraid of their own emotions and choose to wear "mask's" to cover part of who they are.
We see through it but they still keep up the fake roll.

5. Your supposed to be honorable gentlemen.
Your supposed to support your family and teach your children, your sons how to Become good men, and your daughter's that they deserve to be treated right.
it's your job as the head of the family so it irritates me that men you don't do your job.