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2016-02-21 21:13:33 (UTC)

Worst Injury...Ouch

Mood: Tired of coughing -_-
Song: How to save a life By The Fray
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Writing Challenge day 21 Feb 21st: Write about your worst Injury.

Okay guy's i think I've been lucky to have not broken bones beyond three toe's on three different occasions.
But i have experienced something that people tell me is much worse and though I've never broken a bone i'm inclined to agree.
The worst Injury's I've ever had are as listed in order of worst to least worse? I'll do my top 3 and maybe a bonus one....

1. The number one worst injury I've ever had and the worst pain i think is possible to experience is when i had 2nd degree burns across my stomach when i was about 7 almost 8.
I was going though a phase where i loved having hot tea(which i still like to this day)
but yeah my older brother brought me a glass of tea and i asked if he would heat it up for me, he was a dumb teenage boy at the time and put the glass in the microwave and heated it and then brought it back to me at the table( i think i was coloring or something i don't remember)
i picked up the glass, and it was hot...i mean like boiling hot....i dropped it and it splashed onto my stomach and i remember feeling pain like i had never experienced and have not experienced since...
I remember lifting my shirt up and seeing my skin shrivel up and like fall off...
My mom say's i screamed( in a way that she's never heard a child scream)
but i don't remember doing that...
Of course we went to the doctor and it was second degree burns and they said i was lucky it wasn't 3rd where it burns the nerves.(but then i wouldn't have been able to feel it...so)
Anyway it was bad it took a long time to heal and it seemed to constantly hurt, also i had to wear only dresses until it healed because pants would have well rubbed...
I cringe thinking about it and when i think about this i can still feel the place where i was burnt.

2. The next worse Injury was when a brick fell and hit me in the head i think i was 5 maybe 6 pretty young.
I was very fond of my older brother( yes the same one mentioned above)
he tended to get me into some....trouble as we grew up.
Anyway i wanted to do things with him cause he was the cool big brother right.
Well he decided he wanted to make a basket ball goal on a tree we had in our yard which was all cool and fine we've seen those.
But josh wasn't the smartest teenage guy...he decided to make the goal with Bricks...he climbed up into the tree and i was handing him up the normal red bricks...
and all the sudden i look up and i see a brick falling right toward me, It hit me, i hit the ground and i remember things went black and the next thing i know my parents are talking to me freaking out.
The brick hit the front and side of my head i have a black eye and my parents still have pictures to this day.
I didn't know it then but later on my parents were like that could have killed you!
it hurt.

3. The third one is totally void of my brother(whom i just got a phone call from and we spent an hour talking.)
but when i was little i got bit on my arm by our dog.
it was at night and i came around the back of our house and she didn't know who i was and attacked.
I remember my parents threatening to get rid of er and me still crying from the bite begging them not too and saying she didn't know.
we did end up keeping her and i was right she never did anything like that ever again.
But it did hurt...alot.
She was a Boston Terrier that my parents got when i was two she lived almost 15 years which is a long long life for a dog.
Best dog we've had with our current dog Rascal as a close second.


When i was little josh my brother...the one i always got hurt around(he got hurt alot to)
We were playing army outseide and there was a huge piles of limbs and dirt we would make tunnels through the dirt(which would have killed us if it had collappesed(didn't realize that until i was older either)
But it was in the limbs that i got hurt... we army crawled under them through one side and out the other.... there was glass on the ground under but we didn't know.
i got a long gash cut up my stomach and i went inside with my shirt balled up against the cut, it bled alot....
I walked into my parents room and they were like whats up?
and i unballed my shirt and the blood freaked them out i sware my dad went from a laying position to standing in front of me pulling me into the bathroom in 2 seconds flat.
that didn't hurt so much as i was just freaked out cause i had never seen so much blood before...

so yeah that was my worst Injury's what are your'?