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2016-02-21 19:26:19 (UTC)

Up in the air again.

Mood: Tired
Song: The man who can't be moved By The Script.
Color: Pepsi Blue

It's a Sunday and Church was good, but i was wondering If Brandyce would show up with any of the kids...or if B-Lo would show up like he said he might.
And with all that's happened with Me and B i flip flopped on weather i wanted her to show up or not.
I mean i wanted things to be normal and i want the friendships and i want things to be good, but they aren't right now and i know that both of us need some space even if that changes how things have been recently.
I will See B every Thursday for Prayer meeting and i don't know maybe we'll figure something out.
My prayer is that God works big in all of our lives because i don't think this is something that we can fix on our own... this isn't something that just putting effort into will fix( it helps of course) but Gods going to have to change hearts and minds and we all have to be willing and open for him to do that and i don't think all of us are ready for that yet( i know that i still have things i have to work though) i'm sure they do too.
but yeah i don't know if i was relieved or disappointed that no one showed up at church today...maybe a little of both? if i'm honest.

I hope that they went some where though and i hope that God spoke to them and worked in Their lives.
I know that he did in mine.
Our lesson today in class was called hashtag.
and it talked about the labels we wear or the labels that we give ourselves or other people...and how that effects how we live and how it burdens us down and Jesus says "come to me all who are burdened and heavy laden and i will give you rest"
it was about how the only person who should be able to label us is our maker Christ.

and how these are the labels or hashtags that he Gives us:
#Brand new.

And that was eye opening to me in light of all that's happened in my life recently, weather that's been this past week or this past year.
I am a child of the one true king and that is the only label that i want to wear.

Side note I think i have a verse that may talk about proof of a coming Revival(the one we've been praying for OMG!)

Everything's changing again...everything's up in the air...but for the first time i feel like that's right that i'm in the right place at the right time, i'm right where i'm supposed to be...
And things aren't great...But i'm okay.
Yeah i'm actually okay.


Also Prayers For you David and your family, losing someone isn't easy i know...but i pray that you would all have peace that passes understanding and i pray that God's will would be done in this situation.
Hang in there my friend. :)