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2016-02-21 00:14:41 (UTC)

Uncertain future....

Well, I signed up again for a course I will need to take if I
have to start out on my own or be in charge while the boss is
not feeling too good. I take it in April. Would have taken
it Monday and Tuesday but those classes were filled.

This is the first step in changing the future....

I was up early to run get more stamps. Got the project finished
and ready to take to him. I was so happy to get to see him.
I hugged him first thing. We never hugged before. But he hugged
me back.

When I showed him the postcards with his photo on them and a perfect
photo of the town hall where he lives...he was so happy. It did look
good. I had all 500 of them stamped and labeled. I had a copy of
every label sheet printed out with name of file in case I need to
go in and change case some are returned.

I explained all that too him...then showed him copies of all the
receipts for the he would have what he needs for
his taxes next year.

We talked a little.

He said. If I have cancer, then so be it. I told him to be
positive. Stay away from boo hoo people right now. Not time
for that. We will do what needs to be done...and move forward.
I wanted to say I love you but did not. I will say that in a
card or something if I need too. I think he knows how I feel...
about him. He is the best man I have ever known. I only wish
I had met him sooner....I wish I had got into this business
sooner. But we will not dwell on the what if this or what if
that. I told him I will be taking the class and when, so if he
needs me to take charge at any point, I am ready to do so....
I told him I will do anything he needs me to do.....tried to
focus on him staying positive and not to worry about having
cancer until they tell him for sure.....right now....he will
be taking some test on week will be rough.

He is going to mail all those cards....and I told him that
sure, some of them will be tossed in the trash...but the photo
of town hall will get some attention...and when they see his
photo...they will remember who he is....he was running for
senator a few years ago....for crying out loud. He is not
a no body. I did not say all that....just the first
part....some people might call to let him know they know
someone who needs to talk to him.

I told him he can put a message on his phone to have people call
me...if he needs too. This is just a trail run to see how these
post cards will work....

He looked jaundice a bit. But seemed to be in good spirits...
probably just putting up a front for me......

He told me to start on my post card so we can mail them out too.

I took photos of our city building on my way over there to meet
him ... then stopped again on my way home. It does not even
say Mount Holly Town Hall instead...just City of Mount Holly.

I mean does that mean the city of MT holly is inside that building?

The wind was not blowing so the flags looked like snot rags.

I Will try again....when it is not raining..

but most important thing right now is him.

I wish he knew that.