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2016-02-20 18:11:14 (UTC)

Likes and Dislikes

Mood: Content
Song: Live like you were Dying by Tom McGraw
Color: Orange
Writing challenge day 20 Feb 20th: 10 likes and Dislikes.

So this is a list of ten things like and then a list of ten things i don't and i'm not doing any theme here it'll all just be random.

1. Music
2. Traveling
3. Friendship's that aren't complicated.
4. Red lip stick.
5. Cherry vanilla Pepsi
6. Laughing.
7. Becoming a new person
8. Memories.
9. Hope.
10. Family loving you unconditionally.

1. Being sick.
2. Drama.
3. Lost friendships.
4. Judgement.
5. Doubt.
6. The Unknown.
7. Disappointment/ Disappointing people.
8. Lies
9. Manipulation.
10. rumors, being talked about behind your back.