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2016-02-20 17:52:13 (UTC)

It doesn't even matter

Mood: happy, Excited.
Song: Young blood by the Naked and the Famous
Color: Orange

Brandon stopped by today with his friend Trevor on the way to Quarts Mountain he called and asked if he could i said yes of course but i didn't know he was coming with a friend...i was self conscious enough with just Brandon, ha i looked like crap with my sleveless shirt wet hair that wasn't straitened and no make up.
Great first impression...
But then the other side of me is like who cares? if he doesn't like me based on my looks...who needs that kind of friend?
Love me at my best, love me at my worst or get over it.
But it was good to see Brandon.
I think there's a connection there cause we became instant friends and i don't do that with anyone...
It's nice seeing him and i hope he's around more now that he has a car.
What other people say and what other people think well it doesn't even matter.
Haters to the left.

I needed to see a friend today cause i don't know what tomorrow is going to look like.