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2016-02-19 21:28:11 (UTC)

It's a funny story....

Mood: Happy
Song: Clarity by Zedd
Color: Emerald Green

David has once again given me a writing assignment no doubt to get me out of my own head considering what it is.
I'm pleased by it none the less...
So he wants a funny story that's personal to me and five embarrassing things that have happened to me....ohhh
oh boy. haha
I've given this some thought and here's what i think i'll share this time around.

The funny story: (below it)

Okay so I'm from Oklahoma so me, my family have that twang but my dad and i have this private joke that he butchers the English language...
just with bad grammar or with how he pronounces something.
This has gotten me into so funny situations....
one that easily comes to mind is one that happened when i was pretty young 5 probably.
it was after church on a Sunday and I who have always been really close to my dad was with him as he was turning off lights and locking doors ect. The church had one of those big old copiers where it's just the basics black and white or color, and the on/off button was a switch on the side of the thing.
it was on and my dad told me to go turn it off and being 5 or so i didn't have any idea really how one goes about turning off the giant thing(it seems huge in my minds eye haha)
he say's there's a button on the side and i spot what looks like a button and push it... it was just a sticker and my dad laughs and says: no no "Below it" what i heard was "blow it" and i blow out a puff of air like i'm blowing out birthday candles or something...
and my dad literally goes to pieces i turn around i think i had my hands on my hips and i'm trying to act mad but i can't keep a strait face and he's literally laughing his head off.
i think my face was so red...i feel some embarrassment creep up writing it now...but now i say it's all his fault because it's his butchering of the English language.

okay so here are five embarrassing things that have happened to me:

1. My friends saying that a guy i like gave me Malaria as if it was an STD and just making fun.
(I will explain that more clearly if you'd like lol)

2. Accidentally cursing once during a prayer.

3. getting caught belting out a song while swinging at a park when i thought i was alone.

4. once having a dream that the actor Cody Linley kissed me.

5. getting a D once on a Essay and then being forced to do it over.