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2016-02-19 02:57:36 (UTC)


Mood: Annoyed that i'm sick
Song: Replay by Iyaz
Color Bronze
writing challenge day 16 Feb 16th: Best conversation you had.

Yesterday was...long and bad...
Yesterday i rolled with the punches and yesterday seems to still be hitting me and the best conversation i had was a bitter sweet one.
It was with my parents and they were telling me that i did the right thing and that even if it made people angry i was being a true friend and even if i knew in my heart that that was the truth it was hard because things did fall apart and things still aren't okay, and things will never be the same...but that doesn't mean it's broken beyond repair which is what i said to B tonight...and i don't know where her head is, i don't know what she thinks or anything...
But i do know that there were good things between us there were good times and there still could be.
The questions is i guess is are we both sticking to our words to not run away?
i don't know.

But yeah the best conversation i had was a hard conversation.