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2016-02-18 20:58:25 (UTC)

Is this week over yet?

Dear me....I am wore slap out. He decided to try going to work
today. I suppose he stayed. He never returned home. So, I had
a day to catch up on some things.

Had to go pick up some office supplies to help with this organization
I have started here. Found everything I needed at Wal-Mart.

I mailed some more post cards. I rode through
a neighborhood to see if there were any homes that I did not want
to waste a stamp sending a post card too. I was very happy with all
of them.

Now, I need more post cards. Still waiting on the boss's to arrive
so we can send his out. I will decide then if I want to use that
printing company to order mine. I have not heard from the daughter
about I will start on my own now.

I think I need one to send to my hometown area and another one
to send in other surrounding areas. So, I will be working on

The first thing to do to get this office straight. I need
an assistant. I have needed a damn assistant for several years
now. But no, I am my own assistant. That is why nothing is
organized. If I do not feel good....fuck it.

Showing houses on Saturday to that single mom. She is getting
down payment assistance. So, I decided to share that information
about the program to two other girls I have been trying to help.
If they qualify, then they might be ready to start looking again
too. It would feel good to help a woman get her own place, helping
more than one would be crazy. taking notes too.