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2016-02-18 19:09:19 (UTC)

The mind is willing

Mood: blah!
Song: Troubador By George Strait
Color: Bronze

Ugh...this is bad. Ive been feeling sick since Tuesday night and last night after all the fighting and the drama i crashed both physically and emotionally.
I woke up today hoping it all wasn't real but of course it was...when the first thing you see is the messages returned saying more things you don't agree with along with the messages of the people getting back to you because you wanted someone to talk to and they didn't answer.

I'm Cold and i still can't tell if that's because i have a fever or because of all that's happened.
I woke up today and i can barely speak like my voice barely comes out and what does hurts because my throat is killing me, my nose is stopped up and i can't breathe i'm so tired and my lips are chapped.
I hate being sick.
I feel so weak...it's almost like God just took the energy from me...it's like he made it where i can't fight anymore...hell i can't even talk...
The mind is willing, the body is not.
Also i'm coughing and it's hurting my back.

I don't know what to do! i feel like crap and i don't want to make someone else sick but if i don't show up tonight B will just think i'm avoiding her and the whole situation which isn't true, this is prayer meeting and Dispite everything i'm still in this.
You've got to know that i'm still in this.