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2016-02-18 06:13:25 (UTC)


Mood: Scared
Song: Breakeven by the Script
Color: Bronze

Something i wrote tonight. (Broken)

Broken things, the things broken beyond all repair.
Broken Confidences,Our Promises, things end in despair.
Broken Hearts, Pain that's fresh, Pain we share.
Broken People Who promised to always be there.

Broken Opinions, There's always a price to pay.
Broken words, Things we wish we didn't say.
Broken Friendships, Where we know it's not okay.
Broken Time, Days we let Just slip away.

Broken Dreams, when all the twist up's came.
Broken Reputations,Things will never be the same.
Broken Thoughts, It's over we've lost this game.
Broken Everything, and it's Just a crying shame.

I'm a broken person, with broken relationships that i don't know how to fix...
I think maybe i'm one of those things broken beyond repair and maybe because of that i break all the good things around me...like my friendships.
I think i'm meant to just be alone.
so that i don't hurt anyone, and so that i don't get hurt myself.