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2016-02-17 01:48:18 (UTC)

Post two

Not sure what was happening...I had a red line showing up under
each word, so I started over....

He had to keep it in a splint and ice it today. He can go to work
if it does not hurt too much. They said that sometimes when there
is swelling, an x-ray does not show up hair line fractures. Ig it
does not start healing on its own, he has to call a specialist.

So, back at the house, I made this squash casserole stuffing dish
that I saw a video on facebook. OMG. It was so good. I forgot
to add an egg and it was still good. I will add the egg next time.
My family loves squash casserole, but I have never made it like
this before.

When the guy came to fix our garage door today, I am sure he
could smell what was cooking in my kitchen. I was so happy to
have 2 working remotes now. He can use his and come in and out
of the house through the garage and stop risking falling on
the steps. I can let my son use the old remote. It works to
open it.....if he needs to come inside that now
we all have one and I can mark that off my list.

I was so tired today. Had to wash a lot of large bowls and pots...
after cooking. I never leave my kitchen in a mess. But he usually
does the big pots and bowls. Took a while and let me realize
just how much he does to help.

My desk is still a mess and I am hoping to start on getting it
somewhat straighten out tomorrow. I have more address labels to
print out. But today, I decided to ride through these neighborhoods
so I can mark off houses that I do not need to send them too.
If they have a car engine hanging from a tree...or a sofa on the
porch? lol Stuff like that won't do.

I am so tired tonight....

this has been a very very long and busy day.

I hope he heals so he can return to work.