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2016-02-17 01:39:28 (UTC)

Slipping and a slidding

One of the things on my to do list was to get new remotes for the
garage opener or get the entire system replaced. It is a headache
to have to open the garage, pull the car put, walk into garage,
close door with button, then walk out to car through another door.

This morning when I got up, he was still here standing in the
kitchen. I had heard them both in there talking before I got up.
So, I was thinking there could be snow on the ground or a wreck
in front of the house. Something was up.

My husband had walked out the door to our patio, and down the brick
steps to the sidewalk to the driveway and there was ice on the steps.
He slipped and fell, got up, started his truck then came back inside
while it warmed up. He then realized that he had hurt his hand. It
was already swelling. He decided to check other things too since he
had got up quickly and thought not too much of it. After a while,
my son went out to turn his truck off and my husband called his
boss. He stayed home.

First he wanted to drive to the grocery store, then to Hardee's and back home. By then, he was to decide if he was going to go to the ER.
He decided to go.

I got ready to take him to the ER. We sat there until almost