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2016-02-15 22:23:13 (UTC)

Dear David 7

Dear David,

This is the last in the seven question series but i'm glad that we have kept up other conversations in between these questions,
no it doesn't bother me that it take you some time to get back to me, if it's that way it's something to look forward to and usually you give me plenty to think about in between so it works out.
I'm looking forward to a continued friendship and more getting to know each other.

If you want me to do letter entry's like this again i'm open to it just ask me and i'll see what i can do lol.
so without farther ado Your last question...

Do you picture your mission best served as a wife and mother with a family of your own or are you content to stay single?

I think that i'm open to either option at this point sometimes i think about being married someday and maybe having kids and then other times i think like i just can't imagine that...
like what in the world?
we only have so much time left, only have one life to live and what am i doing with that life? with that time? would it be better served single?
i don't know.
I think that i'm content either way.
I just want what God wants.
and that's where i think people should be.