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2016-02-15 22:07:32 (UTC)

Laughing out loud.

Mood: Hopeful
Song: Once Upon a time in New York City By Disney
Color: Royal Blue.
Writing challenge day 15 Feb 15th: 5 things that make you laugh out loud.

in to particular order things that make me laugh out loud.

My Friends when they are acting ridicules or when something happens like they trip or act clumsy and then look up at me and just their facial expressions.
BLo makes me laugh alot.

2. Tyler Oakley's laugh and weirdly enough his freaking out or drunk videos

3. My dad...when he's not trying to be funny. :)

4. My sister Tara when we play the game where you try not to laugh while the person try's to make you laugh.

5. Jay when he says things spesificly to shock me.

There's more things that make me laugh but those were the first that popped into my head.
That's that guy's what are 5 things that make you Laugh out loud?