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2016-02-15 21:55:51 (UTC)

Any word

Mood: Anxious
Song: Swing life away by Rise against.
Color: Royal Blue.
Writing challenge day 14 Feb 14th: Search any word, click images and then find the 11th Image and write about that Image.

The word i'm doing i don't even know yet... I asked my Friend B to kindly give me a random word to search and she hasn't messaged me back yet...oh she'typing.....
Ah brilliant Thank you B, and out word is:

Courage :)

Alright the 11th image it of a guy rock climbing, it's sunset and he's in silhouette he's in a harness and he's dangling off a cliff.
and it's actually a really beautiful picture.
it's like a picture i would take it's my kind of photography.

it also reminds me that there's still so much i want to do and a comfort zone is a beautiful thing...but nothing ever grows there, you have to go and get out and experience and be willing to take a risk to see the most beautiful things.
I talked to josh until late late late last night and then over slept this morning and missed him and didn't get to say goodbye.
I hope he makes his choice and gets out and comes home and has the courage to do what God's purpose for his life is.
I believe in him.
I believe in you
You can do this.

Be strong and courageous!