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2016-02-14 23:40:43 (UTC)

Letter, Letter who's got the letter.

Mood: Sleepy.
Song: Silence
Color: Yellow
Writing challenge day 13 Feb 13th: a letter to someone.

Dear Gene,
I wrote you a letter last night for this entry that got deleted... But then i was just angry at myself for deleting it.
so here i am for the second time.
trying to write you a letter that i'm not sure should ever become a real thing, a thing that goes beyond the thoughts in my head.
But i'm angry.
I'm tired.
and i'm hurt
and i guess you just dong give a shit.
Your angry, or believing a lie.
or some other reason i don't know.
You betrayed us.
You were supposed to be a good Christian man, You were supposed to be our friend, like family.
You were supposed to be on our side but i see clearer and clearer in hind sight what i saw at the end...which is that you were a double agent.
Going behind us and checking things, being passive not sticking up for us going to secret meetings, pretending to be our friend when you weren't?
You cried with us... You apologized to us, you sought me out and came and comforted me when i walked out crying that Sunday that we said we were gone,
And now you avoid us, now you stay away.
now you haunt my dreams or should i say nightmares,
Now a man here reminds me of you and when i think about it it just makes me sad.
It shouldn't be this way!
it shouldn't have gone down that way!
And i want to know what you thought.
I want to know why you would betray us?
why you would hurt me, my family the way you did.
i expected to be hurt by Jake and Brandy...Steve and Kay...
But not you.
SO you left a scar.
what they did hurt. but what you did in a way hurts so much worse.