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2016-02-14 23:28:59 (UTC)

Dear David 6

Mood: Tired
Song: Silence
Color: yellow

Dear David,
I'm on a roll!
this question the 6th in the series may be the hardest to answer...
because it's talking about my struggles.

The question is:
what obstacles today are holding you back that you want Gods hand in helping you remove so that you can complete the mission in which you were called?

The obstacles I'm facing today are:
This odd feeling that something bad is going to happen.
I'm having trouble trusting new places and new people to be true in their own walk with Christ.
Everything around me reminds me of a very wrong and painful situation that happened last year, that is effecting how i handle situations now.
I don't understand what God is doing in or about that situation past, present and future and it bothers me, it makes me angry.

I want God to solve all these things and i know he can...but i don't know that it's his will to solve those things.
You know?
We all go through Hell sometimes we all struggle and we all fall....
These are the things i feel are holding me back and beyond the obvious of "give them to God" i don't know what to do or how i'm supposed to feel.