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2016-02-14 23:18:49 (UTC)

Dear David 5

Mood: Content
Song; silence
Color: Yellow

Your 5th question which i apologize for missing yesterday, i didn't get home until late and i had Church this morning early so...i just completely missed a day of writing anything.
but i'm playing catch up right now in the hour before evening services.
I hope your Sunday has gone well.
Mine has...My brother came to town to surprise our parents by coming to church.
It was good seeing him.
He's currently asleep in the room down the hall He's driving trucks right now, though he's done a number of other things.
but he was up driving the past 48 hours strait.
SO i'm glad he's here safe and i'm glad he's getting some rest.
i don't think he's rested as well anywhere but home since he moved out when he was 18...
Though i don't know why i'm telling you this...guess i should stop rambling.
your 5th question was
What inspired you in the calling you have or what events lead up to that calling?

well I think that that's explained in the other entry when you asked what my calling was...
The events that lead upto it were being raised around it, it was watching other people lead these extrodinary lives and do great things in the Name of Jesus Christ.
But honestly what inspired me doing this...
what inspired this calling was none other than God himself.
because i can't do anything with out his strength without him helping me do do so.
and thats how i know that this is right and this is real because it's nothing that comes from me.
it's all him, it's all about him.