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2016-02-12 21:27:35 (UTC)

Dear David 4

Dear David,
I just sent you a rather long reply, and it gives me a little bit of anxiety to be honest but...i sent it. and i was pretty honest.
I don't know which you will see first this entry or that message( probably the message.)
I read messages before other people's enrtys first.

Your question:
Who in your life knows about your calling to your mission?
I surrendered to the ministry publicly at Fallscreek in the summer of 2012 and also did so publicly in my church.
My friends and family support me, but they do worry about it...most of them can't imaging going to foreign country where it's different and it's dangerous....
i say to them i just go where God calls me to go believing that he's gong to take care of me.
But if he doesn't and i were to die or something, well at least i died doing the will of God and not running like a Jonah.
and then privately i think to my self litterally this thought...
"I can't imagine living my entire life in one place and never leaving it."
the way alot of people do...
And that's fine for them...God calls everyone and it takes all kinds to make the world turn and get everything done.
You need the stayers and the goers.
The the workers and the organizers.
The front people and the behind the scenes.
we all have out talents and gifts...
Here's a question from me to you.
What are your's?