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2016-02-11 18:11:07 (UTC)

dear David 3

Mood: Nostalgic
Song: Hey Jude by The Beatles
Color: peace

Dear David,
I'm surprised you haven't said anything about the responses to your questions yet?
I hope i'm doing an okay job answering them for you I really like today's questions and it's making me feel pretty nostalgic and it's bringing up a lot of memories because well i know the answer to this question loud and clear...and I've gotten the chance to do some of it and that's the memory's going through my head right now.

Your question?
What is the mission God has put on your heart?
3-A what are your biggest fears and obstacles on this journey?
3-B Is leaving the place you call home part of this journey?

I know for a fact that God has called me to Missions.
when i was a young child i always enjoyed missions, i went to a camp as a kid and they had classes we's go to Bible, Bible drill, Music and Missions.
Missions was always my favorite and a couple taught that class they were real missionary's they were called to work in Africa they spent like forty years in Africa sharing the love of Jesus Christ(they are in there 80's now) so they weren't young when i was a kid and every summer they would teach the missions class they still do.
I remember thinking as a kid that it was so cool what they did and i would have been content to sit and listen to them talk about it for all four class times if i could.
At that time i did't know God would call me to missions but i think it's a great thing that he gave me a love of it from a young age.

even with a love of missions, David i am a home body... I like being home i'm not or at least i wasn't as a young kid a world traveler and it was never something i considered as something i could do...

and i got older went through some rough times in Jr.High where i had turned away from God. until i reached High school the summer between 9th and 10th grade i went to The largest Youth Christian Camp in the world like i had been for years and I had a teacher who encouraged me to look at summer mission trips... There was one to London England for the summer of 2010 the next year.
i was 14 about to turn 15 at the time.
I told my dad i wanted to do this trip and it shocked him but he said that we would work it out if i really felt God calling me to go.
so over the course of the next year i raised the money, went through the extensive applecation process and waited to see if i got accepted out of all the other teens who applied.
I did!
I went through the bible study's and all the rules and got enough money and was a ball of nerves, you had to be at least 16 to go on the trip the trip was in early July and my birthday is June 28th so i turn 16 jjust in time to go.
and it was one of the hardest things i'd ever done up until that time anyway. hardest and most rewarding.
two years later i got to go to Thailand and last year i got to go to Africa with the same people who used to teach the missions class that i loved so much...which was absolutely amazing....i can't even describe it to you.

the summer after My senior year(2012) i surrendered to the ministry for missions that is the calling God has called on my life.
I don't have a spesific place... and i don't know what all that will entell but i'm in it for the long run and i can't wait to see where else God calls me to go.
I would love to go somewhere this year...but i don't know.

My biggest fears with this calling are 1. the unknown. 2. Missing out on things that happen with my family or friends if i'm somewhere else.
and the money....i am by no means rich. But thats where faith comes in if God wants me to do this he'll find me a way to do it.

and yes i think that to some extent that this calling dose mean i have to leave the place i call home.

all for now