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2016-02-11 17:34:08 (UTC)

Life lessons

Mood: Rushed
Song: Swing life away By Rise against.
Color Peach.
Writing challenge day 11 Feb 11th: 3 lesson you want your children to learn from you.

If i ever have kids which is a question that's up in the air...
These are 3 life lessons that i would love for them to learn from me.
because these things are really important to me and are big aspects of who i think i am and if my kids were to have these to...well that would be a high compliment and i'd be proud.

1.God is first.
He loves you, he never leaves you even though it sometimes feels like it.

2. Be Loyal.
Even when people aren't loyal to you.
Loyalty is a rare thing now a days and i think Loyalty is one of the highest things a person can be it's the best thing a person can give in life in friendship and in relationships.

3. Family isn't blood, and blood isn't family.
Family is the thing that happens when you love people more than you love yourself, when you get into petty arguments but over all are always in eachother's corner.
It's when you grow up together dispite the circumstances.
It's when your souls are connected.
it's when God brings you the people in your life weather that be by Blood or by Adoption.