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2016-02-11 17:23:44 (UTC)


I just remembered that it's a friends birthday and i have nothing for her...but i have an idea and if i go to town early i can get a card.

I'm thinking of drawing her something as a gift maybe? and baking her something.
between that and all the other stuff i have to do today ad leave here at what? 5 to go to town for prayer meeting at 7 and arrends in between all that just made this day seem to be going by fast.
I woke up and litterally had to force myself out of bed. last night was a night where i just couldn't sleep well and when i did it was a light sleep.
that i woke up from shocked that it was sleep and that i dreamed at all.
it was a weird night.
I got up did school with Emma (Math and reading respectively) then realized that my house has been a war zone this morning between my parents and then that made my grandma angry and she left(i think just for a drive to get away)
and it just feels upside down today.
So to do list:

. Finish diary entry's here the two i have to do.
. Draw something for Kamber Frame it and wrap it.
. Bake her something.
. Get ready to go.
. Make sure the girls have eaten and are all good.
. Find some cash for gas money -_-
. Go to town find a card for Kamber.
. Prayer meeting.

i feel rushed and i'm rambling got to go!